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barcelona · mercé appartments


mercé appartments

year: 2015
location: barcelona, spain
project type: renovation
disciplines: architecture, interior design
a collaboration with callum pirie architects


mercé appartments


the commission was to design the interior spaces of two adjacent buildings in the heart of barcelona’s gothic quarter that face the plaça de la mercé. the interior of the buildings were previously joined together and used for educational purposes but are to be converted for residential use.

whilst the two buildings are of different character, our approach has been to establish a sense of unity by treating the shared spaces with the same materials in a manner derived from the tradition of residential interiors in barcelona.

the brief for the apartments was to follow the loft typology. therefore, the living space has been subdivided by modulated furniture instead of walls and can be further subdivided by sliding doors when privacy is desired or left completely open at other times of the day. the spaces are connected but clearly identifiable.


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